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Michael and Elizabeth

I just wanted to take a moment and let you know about the experience we had with Teresa.

My wife was transferred with Astrazeneca from Clifton, NJ to Wilmington DE. and we entered into the relocation program sponsored by Weichert. We began dealing with Teresa during her market analysis of our home. I found Teresa to be direct, honest, and very consultative in our initial meeting. I didn’t like all of the news regarding our home (price depreciation), but she presented it from a well informed business perspective with facts and detail, and not just an opinion. There was quite frankly no comparison in the sales presentation between Teresa and the other agents we talked to.

Since the first meeting she has gone above and beyond her job requirements to help us with everything from how to present the home to literally spending money out of her own pocket to make sure we had what was necessary for inspections. She on a regular basis would answer questions at all hours of the day and night and always gave us the best suggestions for US and not necessarily what would make it easier for her.

When it came time to negotiating I felt that she was acting in our best interest, and would have done the same thing had it been her own money. I felt that she took pride in doing the best job possible for her customers. In addition to all of the tangible things that she did Teresa also handled our situation with a high level of professionalism. Our relocation coordinator was challenging to deal with and again, Teresa went well beyond the job description to help us with issues and give advice on how to best move things forward and work within the relocation program.

I always felt like we were her only customer. I found it hard to believe that she managed the level of transactions that she did while maintaining such a high level of service……we are still not sure how she does it??

We just purchased a new home in Pennsylvania and once again Teresa played a key role for us. Even when she wasn’t getting paid to do so, she gave us advice on how to approach the buyers and helped us to be comfortable in a situation that was tense. Her counsel again proved to be the best course of action. By following her advice we ended up getting the house for the price we desired.

Teresa is a credit to Weichert and to the relocation program. She made what could have been a very difficult time for us as smooth as we could have hoped.

I have personally been in the service industry for more than 11 years, and it is truly rare to to have the experience we did with Teresa. We would refer anyone to her with great confidence.

Thank you for assigning Teresa to help us.

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